Long tail in positioning

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"Long tail" is the name given to the characteristic positioning activities. They are designed to optimize performance of SEO specialists and gain the best results in your search results.

What it is?

"Long tail" is a situation in which, through proper selection of keywords, is managed to position the website so that it appears on a large number of typed phrases. It is easiest to explain it with an example. If we want to position the store page, then as a keyword should not appear only general phrases specifying products, which also appears in hundreds of other sites.

It is better to find the original, more detailed key words. It is worth positioning the page under a lot of different words. They can determine not only an offer of a shop, but also the location of its headquarter or the words associated with its name.

"Long tail" is particularly effective for large companies that can boast of a very large offer for customers. It should be noted that in this situation it is necessary to perfectly optimize the site. Each tab should be well described so that it will be easier to find it on the network. Key words should be associated with particular parts of the site so as to increase the chance that a random surfer enters.

It is true that the creation of "long tail" with the help of numerous key phrases is expensive, but its effects can make the investment return to us very quickly.