SEO and number of customers increase

Partners: tani urlop

The strength of positioning that increases web sales of stores has been discussed for a long time, but what if, despite positioning and leading position in google, store sales is not growing?

customers increase

Today, even a novice businessman and an e-vendor knows that in order to gain more visitors to the website - it is essential to have properly positioned web page. It influences the number of customers, guarantees larger audience to the corporate site and larger purchases. But there are situations in which, despite great effort on positioning the store - the sales are not increasing. Reasons can be few.

First, if you sell a little-known product that has no proper brand, or advertising, and in addition is called in the way that spelling and recording the name causes trouble - you can almost certainly forget about the lucrative sales. Customers look up in the internet key words, which can be associated with something, suggest something or can be helpful. Positioning of the sample phrase \"tromboli345efektuslekus\" is so clearly futile, because no one (absolutely nobody) other than the manufacturer will type such a name in a search engine. So if you are selling such a rare product - advertise it with other, more familiar words. Sometimes positioning store with key words \"flu drug\" or \"medicine for cough,\" will give a much greater effect than the promotion of niche names of product unknown to anyone. It really misses the point.

Also, remember that days when the shops were empty and everything was sold right away are gone. If you have good, even rare product, but you put it in an illegible web store, which is saturated with colors causing pain in the eyes, or on the contrary – is so bland and uninteresting – you do not sell as much as you assume. Company's site needs to be refined in every respect, and only such looking web site you can effectively position with having the real chance of success.